FARM delicious meatballs are a complete food product for cats. FARM meatballs contain human-grade quality raw meat and are with 97% meat content. The meatballs are frozen to retain nutrition and flavour. Free from artificial additives and preservatives, our meatballs are easy to digest and deliver high-quality mono protein which is essential for supporting optimal health.

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FARM meatballs for cats, 500g

FARM Dry B.A.R.F. for cats beef+fish, 50g

FARM meatballs for cats beef & pork, 500g

What pets and their owners have said

Good health is maintained by good quality food. This we found in FARM products. Not only is their food amazing, they have a great scala and special flavors. Our dogs LOVE their kibble. Fantastic products to fit even the fussiest poodles taste buds! Keep their fur in great condition too. I’ve also been offered some useful advice via their site so it seems they go extra length to really care for your pets. Highly recommendable brand in every sense. My dogs are really picky on anything I offer them. I have never had to do any tricks with Farm wet-food, they totally "jump on it". FARM meatballs differ from other comparable products on the market. Simple ingredients, no bones or additives. Really good option for allergic dogs.   My dog loves the best. His really fond of the wet-food, but the meatballs he eats even when they are frozen. He is a true fan so I´m also thinking about changing my diet to FARM. :)
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