from idea to family business - The story of FARM

The birth of the FARM brand is the story of a family with pets. Janek's desire to start working in the field arose due to the Basenji breed family dogs Picasso (3a) and Rembrandt (1a), whose delicate gut made the family look for food that the dogs would tolerate and that would not be monotonous.

High-quality raw material for the delicate stomach and taste buds of your pet

Namely, the monotonous diet for dogs turned all other tastes into an obsession, and the meals of the human family passed with the sad glances of the dogs.

"The one-sided food solved the problem of their guts, but became annoying and unattractive for them. They were ready to do almost anything, which meant that food as such became a stressor for both the animals and the family. ”

There is a very simple solution to the problem - variety. Since cooking at home was not an option, the idea arose to lay the foundation for a new pet food, which was named FARM due to its content and principles.

"We don't eat the same food every day.

So why offer it to our pets? ”

Balanced and science-based recipes

The recipe for the farm is simple - a combination of raw ingredients worthy of a human's table and the best knowledge of a pet's health.

"Our production is led by Dr. Kazarjan, who has been involved in the creation of probiotic pet foods and is guided by the well-being of her pets through quality food, which means that our recipes are scientifically proven and balanced and made from high-quality ingredients."

Selection of bio-certified products

FARM's food and snacks became Picasso's and Rembrandt's favorites, because in addition to high-quality ingredients, the maximum taste experience has been preserved in the production processes.

The whole family is happy, because the dogs' stomachs well and there is a variety of dry foods, snacks and freeze-dried foods(suitable as snacks and food). The products were further developed to receive bio-certified recognition.

A raw material worthy of the human table

All FARM products are made from raw materials that are also suitable for human consumption. While leftovers are often used in pet food, FARM uses local, high-quality raw materials.

“The production units in Kostivere and Lahti have the essence of a home-cooked kitchen, where we know and are interested in the ingredients and the pet who eats them. It can be said that our products always go through a quality process with the caring eyes and hands of our employees (in addition to the strict quality requirements set in the European Union). ”

Innovative production technology preserves nutrients and vitamins

At FARM, it is known that love goes through the stomach - high-quality ingredients keep the digestion of your pet in order.FARM raises your favorite table to the same level as your human. In addition, innovative production methods that help preserve all the good from the raw material to the final product.

"Common sense is that if you eat good quality food, it is also suitable for your pet. FARM's foods are also suitable for human consumption, as long as the taste suits you. If we say that we have added blueberries to the product, there is no need to emphasize it with an artificial fragrance, as this is an activity aimed at the owner. Our focus is on the pet. ”

Picasso and Rembrandt's family also solved the problem of many other pets food fatigue. The transition to FARM products went smoothly and now dogs are on a 100% FARM diet with a high meat content, no chemical additives (eg fragrances) and all that has been added for the health of the animal.

FARM facts

  • Factory construction from 2021.

  • Production from spring 2022

  • Production units in Finland and Estonia

Who are Picasso and Rembrandt?

Basenji breed is a large dog in a "small package", athletic, strong and fast, bred for hunting. The dog is strong and muscular, movements well coordinated. In addition to an elegant, perfectly proportioned body, the dog’s eyes are bright, vibrant and attentive.

Basenji is a loyal and intelligent dog for those who love him and love them with all their heart. Unfortunately, intelligence does not mean obedience - basenji's curiosity and creativity are legendary, learning things easily, but often things that are not suitable for the owner. Basenji gets bored quickly and begins to avoid annoying activities. Basenji loves company and does not need a dominant role. A neglected basenji quickly becomes quite destructive at home. Therefore, when considering a dog of this breed, it is always worth considering whether it is possible to spend enough time with him.

With all its toughness, strength and care, there is a basenji dog who loves comfort above all else. Good food, the master's bed and a warm soft blanket are what his soul desires.

The secret to happily living with Basenji is to convince the dog that a particular activity is in his or her own best interests. This also applies to training. A basenji is not a dog that does anything to make a host happy. So a basenji host should definitely be smarter than his basenji.


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